WIDZIADŁA – in polish it means hazy image of person or thing which someone dreamed or deluded. Under this codename I do projects associated with live visuals, music animations on concerts, or lighting design. Music and sound is one of my greatest passions besides my main area of work. What fully absorbs me is work on connection between sound and image. I love to dive by hours and hours into music and video hardware, and software, experimenting, learning new things and looking for new ideas and solutions. Usually I perform visuals in an improvised way by using controllers and earlier prepared interactive compositions. For me it is like playing on lights and colours by instrument. I have been strongly inspired by works of Oskar Fischinger and ideas of Alexander Scriabin.

Since 2012 I co-create audiovisual project called ABXY with my three musician friends: Paweł Ernst (violin), Cheslav Singh (piano) and Jakub Królikowski (composer). I also collaborate with Jakub on several other projects. For instance FLORAFABRIK - small audiovisual project related to ambient and electronic music, or our last experimental work - WITH OUT IDENTITY - noise music audiovisual performance which was presented on art festivals in Poznan and Vienna. Occasionally I prepare live visuals on concerts or cultural events, mainly in ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznan. I had quite a wide spectrum of projects in this matter - from events for kids, entertainment shows, and jazz concerts to noise music performances or even classical music and opera related plays.